A few pictures of the Hasegawas Boeing P-26A Peashooter

The Hasegawa Peashooter is the only model of this little nice plane taht marks the transition from biplanes to monoplanes and also a goodbye to the fabric covering (for the most parts that is). The model was built fairly straight out of the box, but with the colourfull decals from Superscale to mark it as a plane from the 95th Pursuit Squadron of the 17th Pursuit Group.

The engine is a nice little representation.

When hidden under the faceplate and cowling, not much is seen, but maybe I should have added ignition wires.

The decals were old and a little brittle, so even if I hat two sets available I had to repair some on the cowl. Here is how they reacted to Microscale SET and SOL.

Here the long decal on the side is setteling down with SET and SOL. The flying wires are from fishing line. I decided to do both the upper wires and the lower wing to whellspats before assembling the wings, this left only the wires between the wheel spats to be rigged after assembly. All the wires were fastened inside the wings and then "zig zagged" trough the whole run. Some of the lines were then tightened trough a hole in the fuselage, that was later covered by the oil cooler. This was the first time I got resonably away with wires, and fairly easy at that.

View large photo.
Antenna wires were made from thin elastic thread and the spreader bars from thin evergreen painted blue and cut to length after the cyano glue had dried.

These last photos shows the finished model.

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