A couple of pictures showing my model of the Monogram/Revell Grumman F-3F-3.
This kit has been issued by both Monogram in civilian and Revell in military versions. The kit is made with a lot of movable parts, including the main landing gear, that can be folded by turning the propellor, this left some unwanted holes in the fuselage to close up. Also it was originally issued as the civilian "Gulf Hawk" demonstrator, but this plane had shorter wings than the regular military versions.
The kits included old decals for very colourfull interwar machines, but I decided on a early war training squadron schemeas most of the decals were useless. This plane is a contemporary of the Boeing Peashooter, and it was the last biplane fighter in the US NAVY.

Here on the upper surface it is not easy to see that I used the wings from two kits, cutting them differently so I could add the two longest parts to make up one wing. One upper wing (upper part) was cut of five ribs out from the center and the other cut two ribs inboard of the aileron, this gave me three more ribs on each side of the centerline. The lower parts were cut differently so I would not have the cuts on the same place. The Procedure was repeted for lower wings too. Unfortunately those pictures didn't turn out good.

Here on the lower surface of the upper wing, you can just see the cut is four ribs inside of the aileron. The rigging is made from fishing line and turned out resonably. I drilled trough the fuselage and glued them in place, drilled all the way trough the wings and tightened the lines and glued them in place. After the cyano glue had dried I cut of the ends and sanded the surface smooth.
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The engine is fairly simple, but actually I think it turned out pretty good.

The lower surface was weathered a little.

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