Some pictures of a Hasegawa Hellcat with Verlinden Cockpit and Gunbay.

Verlindens Cockpit left and Hasegawas right

VL details for the cockpit

Three instrumentpaneles for the same aircraft. From the top Hasegawa, Eduard and Verlinden

Eduards instrumentpanel installed with the Verlinden cockpit

The armour plates behind the pilot, VL left Hasegawa right

Verlinden sidepanels.

Motor Cowl where the airintake has been opened and interior wall rough testing

Hasegawas Gunbay and guns, VL's Gunbay cover, below the VL 50 Cal and ammo links. To me the guns them selves doesn't differ a whole lot.

For some reason the whellwell roof ends 8 milimeter from where it's supposed to, so it has to be covered.

Pratt & Whitney R2800 engine

The model is almost ready for priming.

4 pictures of the finished cockpit (Without th VL windowstills at the sides - they may come when they reappear!

Top is a pic of the .50 cal guns in place, and bottom the whole gunbay finished.

Catmouth from VF 27 onboard the USS Princeton finished.

Now only antennas and propellor is lacking, pictures of the finished model can be seen in my model gallery.


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