Just to make it clear for every one; I am not a dealer nor do I have any interest in any shops, this list is compiled to assist in knowing what is at some time or other produced, and if I have seen the kit, or read a review of it, I will post that as well.
Factory Make Kit Factory Kit Number Description

Fiat G-55 ID Models 3259 VAC Form Centauro
Macchi MC 72 March Models 32003 Sneider Tropy racer Floatplane. Resin, whitemetal and photoechings.
Macchi MC 200 CraftWorks 32108 Resin, whitemetal and photoechings.
Macchi MC 200 Special Hobby 32021 Injection Moulded kit.
Macchi MC 200 serie VII Pacific Coast Models 32001 Plastic and Resin (MPM) Photoetchings (Eduard).
Macchi MC 202 serie III Pacific Coast Models 32002 Plastic and Resin (MPM) Photoetchings (Eduard) Difficult set, not for beginners. Some parts are for later versions and Mc 205's and needs corrections.
Macchi MC 202/205 CraftWorks 32107 Resin, whitemetal and photoechings Folgore/Veltro.
Macchi MC 202 21st Century Toys 32107 Macci 202. Issued by a company that also supplies painted assembled models. Fairly nice kit, but with rough details as older kits and is prepared for assembly with screws, but at a low price a good buy. Parts are seperate and comes in small plasticbags.
Macchi MC 202 ID Models   VAC Form Folgore, I had an example of this rather crude kit. It includes both early and late canopies, but no interior at all. No landing gear is provided either. When the price here in Denmark is similar or above that of an injection moulded kit, it has to be something that you really want to build!
Reggiane Re 2001 Accu Scale HC-3241 Kit
Reggiane Re2000/2002 Accu Scale HC-3227 Convertion kit
Savoia-Marchetti SM-79 ID Models 3246 VAC Form Spaviro (trimotor)


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