This is the Hobby Boss Il-2M3 model. This model comes pretty complete and contains parts for both the cannon armed version as well as the regular model. Hobby Boss also produces two single seaters.

Here one can see the radios that will be hidden when the fuselage is closed, but also the pilots cockpit and sidewall detail.

The instrument turned out very good with the decals over raised details.

Views of the engine and exhauststacks. A fine little model in it self, but a pain when the cowl is to go on. Hobby Boss included the cowl in three clear pieces, and they are more brittle than grey parts, so I personally would have liked to have them included in grey styrene, then the clear parts could be an option for those that wish to show the engine. In the end I cut one side cowl i three pieces and only mounted one of the, leaving an opening in the side to see the side of the engine.

The mounting of the whell wells or nacelles to the centre wing took a little putty at both ends, but the wheel bays and bomb bays are finely detailed.

This is the view of one of the main gears, they look fine, but there's one problem with them, Hobby Boss provides these in both white metal and styrene, bot the make them identical for both sides where they should have been mirrored. Changing the metal ones is outside my capabilities and as I wanted those for strength I decided to live with them as is. It isn't a very visible error, it's just one angeled cross bar that should be mirrored.

The weapons bays should probably not be open and in use with the big underwing guns, but they are nicely detailed with Photo Echings and I just put the smallest bombs in there. Teh same goes for the rocket rails, they would probably not be mounted in unison with the guns, but those rockets are so nice!

It is a bit funny that the gunners compartment is so bare, it doesn't even have a prober seat. And the plane was designed with the rear gunner inside the cockpit armour, but the senior officers wanted the plane to be a single seater and did away with the gunner from the outset, but later mounting losses made a lot of field modifications to reinstal the rear gunner. When officialdom gave in and the factory was ordered to make the plane with a rear gunner, the reinstalment of the original armoured rear cockpit would disrupt production and the gunner had to make do with a strap as seat an no armour.

The Sturmovik was heavyli armoured from beneth and also for the pilot, the sliding part of the canopy is partly armour with poor view and also the wall behind the pilot is armour plate and armour glass.
The Sturmovik produced several "Aces", all rear gunners!

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