I couldn't find a Lochkeed P-38M Night Lightning, and as my specialties are Night Fighters and Dessert Aircraft, I kind of had to build one myself.
The only kit I could get, was Revell's "Droopsnoot" a version with Glass "Bombardiers Nose", the ordinary P-38-J kit I coudn't find, so I had to make both a new nose and a Master for a new (extra) canopy.
As this kit does not contain the "Underwing Rocket Tree" and droptanks I trade my way to these on the net.
See the pictures of my project:

Here some parts are put together in a dry run for "Fit Check", for comparison some parts from Monograms 1:48 scale version is also present.

Here's the drawings and parts needed to close the rather open Radiators in the Revell kit.

Here's the tailboom seen from the inside with some parts already in place.

Here's the central gondola with the (first) master for the radar operators canopy.

Another view of the central gondola with the new nose fitted.

Lower side of a wing with "Anti Compressability Flaps" getting fitted(the white part). The aileron haven't been removed for repositioning yet.

After attempting to make a negative master where the original canopy was destroyed, a new posetive master was made from wood, mounted on a base plate, and from that a negative one was cast, a few copies were made in white styrene, yet I haven't decided if I'm going to use one in all clear styrene, or one sucked inseid a white one where all clear areas have been removed.

A p-38 (M) with extra cockpit, but it's not a wartime picture, as all operational "M"'s vere painted black all over. Besides it also lacks the radar under the nose.

A P-38 Droop Snoot, as the kit originally started. As I have bought both a Revell standard P-38 and a Trumpeter one now, I kind of regret not having the Droop Snoot version any more.


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