I'm a member of "Frederikshavn Modelbyggerlaug" in the northern part of Jutland, we don't have any clubroom, but meet privately at each others place once in a while. We exchange views and experiences as well as giving good advice. Of course we have a chance of seeing what the other group members are building, and finally we borrow reference material from each other.
As I believe that many people don't know how much is available in scale 1:32 , I have chosen to make a reference of the models and related material I've come across during the last couple of years. Many of these models are still available in the well stocked shops, but there's also a lot that you have to search for in some time before they appear.
I have included models, I've read about, I've seen or have myself. There's a column of remarks, most of them are my own opinion, but some are also references from magazines as "Fine Scale Modeller" and "Scale Model International" those are especially given when I haven't seen the actual set myself, or when they are in contrast to my findings.
I hope I haven't scared you away from modeling, try to take a look at my lists, and see if there shouldn't be some model that'll make you want to start building again.
Work and family buisness has keept me away for quite a while, but now I'm back and will start to update my pages again.
March 2014.

The Author and a SAAB B-17 from "The Danish Brigade" in Sweden.

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