Hasegawa makes a good model of the Me 163B, and as I like a little colour once in a while, I decided on the Red version, it has been discussed often and a lot. If it ever flew or not I don't know, but I chose to belive that the squadron commander was sufficient flattered to at least fly a test flight.
At the same time I decided to do a conversion of a second kit into a japanese license version a Mitsubishi J8M1 Shusui, that differs mainly with a framed cockpit.

The following pictures shows a little of the project:

The changed cockpit.

Both cockpits for comparison.

As I chose to let one stand with the tail removed, I "had to" let the rudder hang a little.

An engine.

The ski for the undercarriage.

The japanese cockpit.

Se the finished models: Me 163B J8M1


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