A couple of pictures of my Hasegawa P-51D Mustang detaling

Flaps have been cut loose to be placed "Dropping" as on a plane that has been parked a while

New and old Wheel Well covers.

The Merlin engine

Left is my newbuild floor and right is Hasegawas standard with the radios on the shelf.

Here is four pictures of the cockpit without the seat, stick and radios.

New Nosecone and air intake.

The homemade nosepanel is now fitted and blended in, ventilationholes has been opened up, and so has the exhausts.

The fixed part of the elevator is homemade in order to place the elevator out of center and as I had decided on doing a "Checkertail" plane, I looked at Hasegawas decals I decided to paint the yellow and cut and place the black squares individually, as the decals would be hard to fit to the seperated elevators.

At the same time I decided to make an early "D" without the fairing in front of the fin.

Hasegawas pilot assembled and painted, one P-51D Mustang has a pilot in it, so that elevators, flaps and whellwell doors don't need changing.

Why all of this? - Partly to be able to change flying surfaces, but also because I miss one frame for one of my P-51D Kits!

See the finished models in my gallery.


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