Williams Bros. makes a series of models that are not among the best known, neither the aircraft nor the company, but I have had great pleassure from building some of their kits, here are pictures of an american P-35 out of the box, and one modified to EP 106 as Seversky called it, or P-35A as USAAC called it or J-9 designation from the Royal Swedish Air Force:

Underside of the P-35 in NMF finish.

Upperside of the american machine. As it may be visible the decals delivered by Williams Bros. are pretty good, but they suffer from a almost milky substance that isn't easy to remove. Also one can se that unfortunately, I am not an expert in NMF surfaces!

Et Picture of one of the engines with ignition cables, both planes used a 14 cylinder Pratt & Whitney radial engine, in P-35 a 850 hp P&W R-1830-9 and in P-35A a 1050 hp R-1830-45.

Here the two models can be seen together, so one can see the lengthened fuselage of the swedish plane in order to increase directional stability with the more powerfull engine.

Here's the nose with the two more larger machine guns that has been covered on the A version.

Here's the model from the side with the mix of bought and homemade decals that I had to use.

The neutrality guard paintscheme can be seen here and also the added wing armament.

The national markings are from IPMS Sweden, they are good looking, but very delicate, the homemade decals are made with an inkjet on BMF clear decalfilm, it's easy to handle, but it took several thin layers of clear to make them stand up to water, and the don't take to well to Microscale SET and SOL.

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