Just to make it clear for every one; I am not a dealer nor do I have any interest in any shops, this list is compiled to assist in knowing what is at some time or other produced, and if I have seen the kit, or read a review of it, I will post that as well.
What Producer Kit Number Description

ASP-3N/PBP-1B Gunsight Cutting Edge Modelworks 32054 Soviet style, in resin
Belt Buckles Eduard 32-006 Modern russian style
F-5A (Mig 17) Custom Aeronautical Miniatures 32-038 Detail set for Trumpeter
KH-25ML Missile Custom Aeronautical Miniatures 32-063 Resin missile with rather poor rewievs. Supposed to be to long and thick with wrong shape fins.
KM-1 Ejection Seat Cutting Edge Modelwork 32070 KM-1 Ejection Seat WITHOUT belts for MiG-21, etc
Infantry Matchbox AX51580 14 ea. Modern
MiG-3 Contact Resine 32003 Complete update set for the Trumpeter kit, resin interior, rudder, elevatore, wheels, spinner and Prop blades, PE flaps and details.
MiG-15 Lone Star Models LSM Cockpit for the Trumpeter kit, resin
MiG-15 Cutting Edge Modelwork 32109 Super Detailed Instrument Panel
MiG-15 Cutting Edge Modelworks 32048 Super Detailed Cockpit for the Trumpeter kit, resin
MiG-15 Cutting Edge Modelworks 32052 Resin Intake Splitter for the Frog/Trumpeter kit.
MiG-15/17 Cutting Edge Modelworks 32053 Resin Ejection Seat for Frog/Trumpeter
MiG-15/17 Cutting Edge Modelworks 32060 Resin Ejection Seat without belts for Frog/Trumpeter
MiG-15/17 Cutting Edge Modelworks 32036 Bulged wheels for the Trumpeter/Frog kits
MiG-17 Cutting Edge Modelworks 32105 Super Detailed Instrument Panel
MiG-15/17 Lone Star Models LSM Wheels
MiG-19P Pavla 32001 Super Detailed Cockpit
MiG-19PF Pavla 32002 Super Detailed Cockpit
MiG-21 Custom Aeronautical Miniatures 32-004 KM-1 Ejection seat
MiG-21 Black Box 32006 Cockpit detail set (Trumpeter).
MiG-21 F-13 Pavla 32003 Super Detailed Cockpit
MiG-21 MF Custom Aeronautical Miniatures 32-006 Fishbed cockpit for Revell kit
MiG-29 Custom Aeronautical Miniatures 32-005 K-36 Ejection seat
MiG-29 Custom Aeronautical Miniatures 32-009 Fulcrum cockpit for Revell kit
MiG-29A/UB Custom Aeronautical Miniatures 32-011 6 ea. Fulcrum FOD covers
MiG-29 Eduard 32-007 PE enhancement set
MiG-29 Flight Path FPGS 030 Detail set
MiG-29UB Eduard 32-009 PE enhancement set
MiG-29 Contact Resine 32037 Weighed wheels.
Pilot CraftWorks 32503 WW II
R-13 ATOLL Cutting Edge Modelwork 32071 Air-to-air Missiles for MiG-21MF, MiG-21UM, and many other Soviet fighters.
SM-2 Ejection Seat Cutting Edge Modelwork 32102 WITHOUT belts for MiG-15/MiG-17/Early MiG-19.
Sukhoi SU-27 Black Box 32022 Cockpit set for Trumpeter
Sukhoi SU-27 Quick Boost 32 004 Ejection seat with harness
Sukhoi SU-27 Contact Resine 32024 Weighed wheels.
Weapons set Trumpeter 3301 380 pieces and decals. R-27 R-27T R-27ER/AE R-60MK R-73E R-77 Kh-25ML Kh-25MP Kh-29L Kh-29T Kh-31P Kh-35A UB-32M/57 B-8M1 B-13L S-24B S-25OF S-25OFM S-25L FAB-100 FAB-250 FAB-500 ZB-500 KAB-500Kr KAB-500L KMGU-2 UPK-23/250 PTB-1500 PTB-1150

Due to place (and time) I haven't included decals in general


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