Azur makes a nice little model of the Polikarpov I-16 Rata / Super Mousca.
This model is built as a plane from the Spanish Civil War, fighting on the republican side. I decided to change a few things, the floorboard is not solid as in the kit, so I opened the sides. Also the model came with a closed cowl meaning that no engine was visible, I found a suitable engine, a nine cylinder radial and as not much was to be seen it didn't have to be an exact match. To allow it to be seen, I opened the shutters in the nosecowl.

The floorboard partly modified and completed

The nosecowl showing how it was opened up

The engine from the spares box and the gunsight.

The finished model. The kit didn't need a lot of tweeking and twisting, it went together pretty fine with little trouble or filler.
The engine may not be all wrong, as it is from a matchbox Dauntless that used the engine the Soviets vere hoping to licence build for the Rata.

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