This is the Revell Zero A6M5c that I chose to convert to a A6M2N from Nakajimi.
This demands several things, including a different engine cowl and exhaust and longer span wings, but I chose to use this kit, as the Doyushas, is intended for an early WW II machine, probably a Pearl Harbour plane.
All Rufe's were built at Nakajima who also built ordinary Zero's on licence.

The paint scheme is from an artikkel I found, and the decals are "Typical" with out the intention to portrait a specific plane. Mose Rufe's were either allover palegrey or the traditional green over grey, but as most of my japanese planes are in these paint schemes I chose to belive that some planes have been brown over grey.

Th convertion set from Horizon in VAC is pretty good and fits well. The Center float had some lead weight added held in place with filler to keep the nose down.

One of the small changes is the roolbar or crashbar behind the pilots head, in the Rufe it is missing as nobody would expect one of them to roll over.

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