As there are no models in 1:32 scale of the Seafire F Mk 47, I decided to make one representing this last version of a long range of Spitfires and Seafires. The plane is a navalised version of the Spitfire F Mk 22/24, so I took my starting point in a Matchbox's Mk 22/24.
Some things has to be changed a bit, the first 17 planes had manual wingfold and no camera equipment, while the remaining 123 had hydraulic wingfold and were built as FR versions. Mk 46 and 47 also had a sixbladed counterrotating propellor that I had to make. Also the airintake is somewhat different, most Spitfires and Seafires had the intake quite some way back, except when fittet with Volkes filters, Mk 47 has it right behind the spinner in a long slim fairing below the engine. Also a Tailhook and wireguard has to be fittet, just like the doors for the mainwheel has to be changed. The "new" doors ar shorter on the inside to make sure they clear the wires. The outer doors are larger to make up a whole cover. Here's some of the pictures I've taken along the way.

Loose small parts.

Tailhook and wheelwell doors.

The nose with the first primer.

View over the primed model.

The Griffon engine before mounting.

The engine in place in the nose which has recieved the correct colours. The angle makes the demarkationline look curved - but it's not.

The Gunbay in one wing.

Instrument panel and stick in place.

The model now has the final colours, but lacks the clear gloss coat.

Two different panels, one (left) with an attempted drybrushing and the other with decal instruments.

The mainwheel well doesn't close completely, so a crashed model of the same kind donated its wheel wells to close them. The same model donated the sixth blade for the prop, while the other 4 ended up on my Spitfire LF Mk XII.

The Matchbox kit is old, but actually pretty good except from rather coarse panellines.

See pictures of the finished model.


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