As I wrote in "My projects", Matchbox made a good model of a Spitfire F Mk 22/24 (To be reissued under another brandnamelater this year). I used this model as the basis for an early Seafire F Mk 47. The first few (Less than 20) were built without hydraulics for the wingfold and cameraequipment. The model is painted with Humbrol colours, decals is a mix of those from the kit, from the spares box and some printed on an inkprinter. The painting on this model has given me some trouble, the gloss coat would not dry properly, neither before, nor after decaling. The homemade decals did not react well to the Microscale Set and Sol produkts.

Pictures below shows the finished model:

Two pictures of the finished cockpit - there are different opinions on wether they were grey or black inside, but from a picture that I had of an earlier Seafire version I chose grey. The parachute is included in the kit and the helmet hanging on the backarmour is from the head of the pilot figure. Seatbelts are Eduard etchings.

Here you can see the opend up exhaust ports.

Here are the gun barrels made from steel pipes.

Here are the whell wells with ribbing made from Evergreen styren.

Here is the homemade spinner with the six counterrotating blades.

Here is the wire guard for the tailwheel, it is made from two pieces of stiff pianowire.

Shortly after completion I decided that I wanted to make a small diorama from a flightdeck, and these three pictures shows how it turned out.

As one can see there's three figures and some tools (and a new parachute). The mechanic standing at the engine is from the Matchbox Tiger Moth kit, the mechanic on the wing and the pilot standing at the wingfold is from a Tamyia tank crew, the pilot has a flotation vest from a Tiger Moth crew and a cap from the spares box.

See pictures from the building of the model.

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