Spitfire LF Mk XII was produced in a small number to help fight the V-1 Bombs and the Fw-190 nuisance bombers. It is a shortnosed Griffon, which means shorter than all other Griffon Spitfire and Seafire versions, but still longer than all versions with Merlin. It's the first Griffon version to enter series production. Like earlier Spitfires it has the asymetrical cooler arrangement that otherwise disappeared with the Mk VIII and IX. All Mk XII had the large rudder often called Fishtail, while they are seen with both fixed and retractable tailwheels. A large portion are rebuilt Mk VIII and IX, and many of the Mk IX originally was built as Mk V or even Mk I/II.
The Model is made from a Revell Seafire Mk Ib and a "crashed" Matchbox Mk 22/24. A Revell/Hasegawa Mk I donated a windshield with internal armour and a later blown hood. I also found some spare clipped wing wingtips in this kit.

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