Revell makes a good model of a Junkers Ju87-B2, and here is a couple of photos of my conversion project to a Ju87 C-0 preproduction carrier version.

The Wheel Spats are different according to pictures, but not drawings, I choose to follow the picture and believe they are corrected to clear the landingwires.

I decided to deflect the elevators a little, again according to a picture.

The nose in the pictures indicate that a B-0 or B-1 was used for these pre production, smoother cowl and straight exhausts pibes sticking out on each side.

Here I have added the new exhausts.

The wingfold was the most daunting part, as very little detail seems to be available, but I found some pictures on the web, that shows it pretty good.

Here is the same part after some colour.

The underside of the wing, when folded the ailerons, flaps and airbrake are disconnected and posed in a different position. Also the wing is shortened at the tip.

The colour choice is standard german light blue and two dark greens. Not very different or exiting, but real. In the photos it is very hard to distinguish the two greens.

Top view of the partly finished model.

Revells decals setteled pretty good on the model, even with the many rivets.

The pilots seat with harness. Buckels are from Eduard generic german WW II seat belts and the belts are foil from a wine bottle.

The gunners seat took more work, it looks like it's a gardenchait, but the holes are only represented as depressions in the seat. I drilled and filed to make square holes in the seat. Later a seatbelt was added.(lap belt only - shown in the galery of the finished model).

In several pictures you can see the tail wheel turned, so I decided to that on the model too, the wheel was cut of, and a new damper was made.

I chose to let the model represent the Trägergeswader 186 during practice, so the bomb had to be a practice version.

Pictures of the real thing:

The outer wing is pushed outwards.

This shows how the wing can "twist and turn".

Here the opening is just barely visible. Notice that the wing guns are not installed yet.

Here is the panel opend and the handle extended prior to operation.

Proof that the wing was folded manuaklly.

View of the tail hook.

The final picture shows the smoother nose contours of the early version (C-0) compared to the B-2 and C-1. Also notice the exhausts are straight pibes.

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