A couple of pictures of my Revell Republic P-47D kits.

Revell makes both an early Razorback and a later Bubbletop version of this plane. When you look carefully at the fuselageparts, you'll see a thin line from the rear of the cockpit to just in front of the fin, that's where the mould can be changed between the two versions. This line is far nicer that what's visible in their Typhoon for the Bubbletop version they never got issued. My kits were these boxings:

and 2 of this one

As Svend Åge Grønnebæk from Esbjerg often has helped me to find other kits, he persuaded me to let "Bonnie" be part of a trade.

Many people has been quick to critisise these kits and said the tail is to small, the cowling totally off and the wrong bombs. Also to long undercarriagelegs ad poor wheels.
I can't disagree on the wheels, they are rather poor, and the legscan be improved some, just as the length can be shortened some.

I have chosen to add a disk of styrene between the wheelhalves to get the correct thickness. Furthermore I have chosen to use some wheelcentres I had left over from Hasegawas Hellcat (Each Hellcat delivers 4 extra wheelcentresnav). The undercarriage in a Thunderbolt is shortened approximately 5 inches during folding in order to have room in the wheelwell, but the are also compressed when the plane is on the ground, so they need to be shortened. As can be seen the wheel covers are laying in line, and not outside each other as on the real plane. So far I agree, but when it comes to the tail, look at these drawings, according to them, the tail isn't to small, but maybe the turbocharger outlet is a little to far back.

When the talk reaches the cowling I don't agree either, look at this drawing and the model. If you want the cowl open and correct you'll have to cut out a piece of the forward cowlring and glue it to Revells cover. Not an issue for a modeller!

I chose to make one of mine into a "N" version with different wings and engine. The engine is from Engines & Things.

Here both versions of the engine can be seen, especially the reductiongear housing is different. The Engine & Things engine is the correct size, meaning that there's not room for it inside the cowling due to thickness of the kit is somewhat more than in real life. Because of that I quickly decided to show the model with the cowl of. That on the other hand means I'll have to make intake and exhaust piping as that will be visible.

The cockpit also needs changing, as the early models have a corrugated floor, while the later ones have a flat floor. There are other samll differences,but I have chosen to not adress these issues.

At the same time, I have chosen to use another seat, as Revells is diveded between the floor and the rear armourplate. Depending on how it works out, I may do this in the other models as well.

As can be seen here, I have chosen to extend the upper half of the wing just inboard of the gunbays, while the underside nessecarily is extended at the root, as the wheelwells has to move out as well. All this work with the wing have made me decide to make new flaps as well.

The model it self also can use a little detailing, here the exit of the oilcooler and the supercharger exit is show in unmodified form, and below a fuselage half where they are removed to be modified.

The wingpylons with bombs get some criticism, but are actually correct for the versions with RAD decals, as the bombs are British 250 pound bombs, for comparison here is some American 500 and 1.000 pound bombs and a pair of drop tanks. The droptank as such is correct, but several other types have been used, including the Lockheed model from the P-38 Lightning.

More pictures will be posted, when I get further with the build.

A neat kit, but it doesn't compare to todays standard. And now that I'm committed to do an "N", Trumpeter announces no less than four different versions, three "D"s and a "N".

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