I have had no less than three Revells Hawker Typhoon Mk Ib kits on the table at one time, on is being build fairly straight out of the box, but as one of the tropical trials planes.

One is being build as a Bubble Top using the Paragon conversion kit.

The dessert and Bubbletop during painting.

Paragon gives you the late shrouded exhausts.

Paragon also delivers a new instrument panel and seat.

One of the Paragons rockets.

Here a trio of propellor blades are seen, the Paragons version, the Revell version, and a Revell that has been reduced in size. I found the Revell blades far to big.

I opted for open flaps on one of the planes.

And last, but not least work has been allocated to backdating a kit to the first prototype Hawker Tornado.

From this angle the paint job seems to be the biggest difference, but.....

The canopy is longer.

The intake and whellwells are quite different.

And the nose longer.

Even the wing is located a little lower.

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