The ordinary Injection Moulded set are easily available and fairly straight forward to build, it often possible to build a decent model with only glue and paint, it will probably not be a competition winner, but it's a good starting place anyway. The so called VAC Form-form set often comes from smaller companies, and allows you to build planes that the larger companies for some reason or other have left out of their inventory. But I don't consider these sets to be for beginners!

Some of these companies delivers a large piece of plastic (styrene) with all the parts still attached and you have to cut them free yourself. Interior, undercarriage and possibly propeller are also often left out. Then you have to build it from scratch or spares from other models. Some companies gives these parts in Resin (many different types) or white-metal, as "Photo etchings" that's a very thin piece of metal where a lot of small part with amazingly many details are placed.

Most manufacturers doesn't include decals for the model, and in 1:32 it's not always easy to find them from after market companies, I haven't been able to find either Italian or Russian ones yet..

When these parts are available or included in the set, you have the basis for very handsome models, but again I wouldn't recommend them for beginners.

In order to not sound only negative, here's four pictures of an ID Models Canberra in 1:32, made by Jack Gryskiewicz from the Netherlands. The photos are his too, and are brought with his permission.

Jack mentions that the model isn't fully completed, but it still shows that a VAC model can look good.

One of the news items in this category the sounds promissing, is that Delta Aviation Publications has bought the whole ID Models line, and are starting to reissue as "Delvac" with Resin and White Metal parts, probably not good for the prizes, but for the "Non scratchbuilding" modeller anyway.


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