Revell and Hasegawa both makes a model of a Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero type 52, but as I didn't find them similar, I didn't want to build the same version from these kits. That's why I chose to change the Revell into a Type 20 from the attack on Pearl Harbour. This demands a different Nose Cowl and exhaust as well as one meter more wingspan!

A couple of pictures:

Three different seats - An Eduard for the Hasegawa, a Hasegawa kit part and a homemade.

On top the Hasegawa wing and below the Revell after my extension.

Here's how Eduards Bomb/Rocket racks look when added to the Hasegawa wing.

Here's the drop tanks from the two kits, they don't look much alike. The Revell offering is to the right.

By the way - After I started my project I was told that Doyusa makes the A6M2 in very good quality!

Since I wrote the stuff above I have gotten myself a Doyusha Zero and the models has been finished and here's some more pictures:

Here's the Hasegawa wing with wheel wells and undercarriage fittet.

Engine, tank and cowlflaps.

The engine isn't wery visible.

Zero cockpit.

Some of the small parts that Eduard includes in the PE set.

Here the two models can be compared and both are getting close to painting, floats have been mounted and the Rufe is now a longspan plane.

Engine and propellor for the Revell model.

The Rufe seen closer.

The Rufe project is nearing the finish.

The cockpit in the Rufe.

See the finished Rufe here:
See the finished Zero here:


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