RAF and FAA planes

This is a Wildcat/Martlet V of the Fleet Air Arm. The Grumman F4F Wildcat was called Martlet i FAA service early on, but later the US name was used. The Wildcat was made in many variations, the one I show here is Trumpeters F4F-4 kit built as a Wildcat V from HMS Trumpeter and used during the invation of France in 1944. The actual plane was aparently a Eastern Motors FM-1 version with only four .50 cal guns, but most profiles shows it with six such guns. The first ten FM-1’s were built with six, but changed to four to increase amount of ammunition. Some sources states that FAA liked the six gun layout and keept it. The warbird flying in these markings today is a FM-2 that is different in many ways.

The FM-2 currently flying.

My model is painted in standard FAA colours and the invation stripes are painted on, decals are from the Revell F4F-4/FM-1 kit.

Hawker Tyohoon Mk Ib, the kit is an old Revell. It has been modified as one of the three planes that went to Africa to test suitability for the dessert. Main differences are a sandfilter behind the normal sand filter and the outer guns are uncowled like on the Hurricanes.

Another Typhoon, this one modified to a bubbletop version with rockets. It is painted to look like a plane that was painted with invation stripes on the night before D-Day. Tried to make it look worn and a bit tired.

Again the old Revell kit, but this time backdated to a prototype Hawker Tornado. It has a different nose as the engine was a 24 cylinder Rolls Royce Vulture in X-shape, therefore the two rows of exhausts. Also the large airintake was positioned under the wing as in the Hurricane. It flew like this in gloss colours for around two weeks before a crash landing made it nessecary to rebuild.

Hobby Craft Hawker Sea Fury, also know as ISS for Iraqi Single Seater. The kit was a little on the simple side but pretty straight forward. Kit decals.

The Revell Hurricane IIb night fighter. One of Revells newer kits, and it has improved a lot since the previous Hurricane kits came out.

The kit has amazing fit and parts breakdown, and I can only recomend it to modellers that like WW II planes. I built it straight out of the box, but added a few more decals. Revell more or less issued all stencils in black and omitted them for this version, but the old kit had light blue and red stencils for the night fighter that I used.